A Guided School for All Things Journal


It started with a dream.

I am milling about in a large open-air space that reminds me of a farmer’s market, with each vendor operating a stall. Instead of farm-fresh produce and hand-dipped candles there are open classrooms, all happening simultaneously, writing and sharing and teaching in many voices.

There is an easy collaboration here, everyone part of a large, generous and vibrant community, each both teacher and learner.

I wake up with a word in my head: JOURNALVERSITY.

It was months before the dream clarified into a vision: A collaborative on-line educational community that offered courses on all aspects of expressive writing. Teachers across the spectrum of expressive/therapeutic writing over the past 40 years would gather together, sharing wisdom and knowledge with writers from many disciplines and at many levels. Peers teaching peers. A place where the entire field of writing for healing and change can gather together and write, learn, share.

So if you are—

  • a journal writer hungry for specialized knowledge, writing stimulation, self-development, a deeper dive, a community of other writers;

  • a newbie who is just beginning to learn the power of writing;

  • a start-and-stop writer who wants more;

  • a facilitator or coach who wants best-practice tips, techniques and strategies for client work;

  • a psychotherapist who wants continuing education and standards-based learning in the theory and applied practice of journal therapy;

  • a journal/writing teacher or community facilitator who desires collegial community and an opportunity to bring your work to a global audience—

—Journalversity will have courses for you, in an easy and beautiful learning environment, with expert teachers and guides and some of the best peers and colleagues you could ever dream of.


We’re starting small in the autumn of 2018 with journal therapy continuing education (CE) courses, personal growth courses and our signature workshop, Journal to the Self. By early 2019 we will have whole schools of writing courses with many teaching voices: writing through transitions, writing and wellness, writing and spiritual growth, poetry and art, life story/memoir, journal therapy, personal growth, professional development.

Our faculty include some of the leading authors and teachers in the expressive/therapeutic writing field, as well as community facilitators who teach in their own neighborhood coffee shops, recreation centers, conference rooms.

We will gather in the open air of cyberspace, under a large canopy, in creative community, writing our ways to healing, growth and change.

Thank you for joining us for one-stop, non-stop learning on All Things Journal. Please let us know how else we can serve you!

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—Kay Adams, Chief Visionary, Center for Journal Therapy and Creator, Journalversity

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