This was my first experience with an online course. It was easy and I did not experience any technical glitches. I used the program on a laptop and on an iPad with similar experiences. I liked that I could toggle between lessons.
— Harriet Kohen, LCSW, Michigan

Very impressive, very valuable information, clearly explained, and immediately applicable.
— Hans van Laake, Psychologist, Belgium

Stressbusting is a stellar little course. It works with surgical precision. A quick but substantive course for renewing your spirit while managing stress.
— Marci Bowman, facilitator, Arizona

The instructional platform was impressive! Easiest I have ever used.
— Sherry Danner, LCMFT, Kansas

If you are considering integrating therapeutic writing into you practice, get educated! Journal Therapy: Writing for Healing and Change is a guided way to get the overall scope of how to go about incorporating therapeutic writing.
— Linda Herrin, LPC, Michigan

Relevant information in both theoretical and practical areas and an opportunity to engage with others in the learning process. You won’t be bored!
— Teri Crane, LMFT, CaliforniaDamian, Mexico

Highly inspiring, concise and easy to understand and integrate.
— Sarolta Nemath, Facilitator, Hungary

I have taken several online courses in the past and have always felt unfulfilled. The Journal Therapy course provided the perfect balance of self-paced learning, a usable platform, independent participation by student (no pressure), enjoyable video and written interaction, and an interesting topic — all presented in an understandable and usable structure. Thank you.
— Maureen Zwicker, Oregon