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Great news for digital journalers! A 2015 study found that it doesn’t matter if you write by hand or on a keyboard—the benefits are the same.

Carolyn Koehnline, Certified Instructor

Carolyn Koehnline, Certified Instructor



6 weeks, Oct 29-Dec 9, 2018

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A workshop that started a movement!

Journal writing is all over the news as a holistic, non-medicated route to personal growth, creative expression and life management. And it's fun and easy! It doesn't matter if you're a brand-new journal or have been doing it for years--there's something for everyone here. We'll start with the basics, then jump right into practicing a series of 18 different journal techniques--ways to write that bring insight, variety and results to your writing. Discussions bring rich engagement with fellow writers and your expert guide, Carolyn Koehnline LMHC, a certified Journal to the Self instructor and certified journal therapist. This is the workshop Kay Adams taught for the first time in 1985 that has been offered on six continents around the world. Write on!

Instructor: Carolyn Koehnline, LMHC, CJT