Journalverse is Becoming Journalversity!

Since I started the Center for Journal Therapy 30 years ago, its mission has been to make the healing art and science of journal writing accessible to all who desire self-directed change. For the past five years, the Journalverse has contributed significantly to that mission as a learning community for journal writers and facilitators worldwide.

Now Journalverse is morphing into a bigger, broader, deeper vision that will significantly expand the reach of educational opportunities.

On Sept 30, the Journalverse will transform to Journalversity — still a learning community for journal writers and facilitators worldwide, but different.

What Will Change on Sept 30:

  • We will discontinue all recurring billings, effective no later than Sept 30. You will no longer be charged.

  • Recurring services specific to Journalverse will cease

What Will Not Change:

  • Your Journalverse membership will automatically transfer to the Journalverse“school” at Journalversity, where you will receive a complimentary three-month membership (through December 31). After that, you may continue your membership at one low annual price.

  • As long as you are a member of the Journalverse “school,” you will be able to take any courses at any “school” at Journalversity at a 10% discount.

  • The current Journalverse site and archives will remain accessible to you through September 30, 2018. (Updated 8/29/18)

What’s New on Oct 1:

  • Journalversity is an extended, expanded learning community for journal writers and facilitators worldwide.

  • A teaching consortium including some of the most beloved Journalverseteachers are collaborating to bring short, structured courses on a beautiful, easy-to-use on-line learning platform.

  • Each teacher will offer at least one free course along with modestly priced courses. Many courses will be self-paced and available on demand.

  • Journalversity will provide professional development for therapists (CEs available), coaches, facilitators — and a wide array of courses for personal journal writing.

  • Journal to the Self certified instructors will have the opportunity to teach Journal to the Self Online through Journalversity,

What’s Next:

  • Journalverse programming continues through Sept 30 without interruption.

  • You’ll be receiving more emails about this transition. Each will be clearly marked in the header.

  • Watch for a survey to tell us what you’d like to study, who you’d like to study it with, etc.

  • Would you like to be part of a volunteer team who takes new classes for free in exchange for structured feedback? We’ll need a therapist team (to evaluate for CEs) and also a personal development team! let us know on the forthcoming survey.

And remember —

  • The Journalverse is still The Journalverse, even with the shift to Journalversity. We’re still a learning community!

  • I am so grateful for your loyalty these last five years.

  • I’m eager to have you join the new adventure!

What topics/teachers would you like to see at Journalversity?

Kathleen AdamsComment